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澳门新浦新京8455com:The Difference between Somatosensory Music and Ordinary Music

Release date【2021-12-16】 Browse【2099】times
Ordinary music:
We all know that sound is in the middle, high and low parts. Ordinary music is a kind of sound wave, whose frequency is between 20 Hz and 20 000 Hz. Air is the main carrier of human transmission. Through the human external auditory system, people's psychology can have a certain feeling. This feeling is relatively single and limited, and it is difficult to directly affect people. Physiology plays a role.
There are two natural defects in the process of music playing a role in the human body: on the one hand, due to air conduction, resistance will produce attenuation and lack of presence; on the other hand, in the recording process, the signal will also appear attenuation, especially in the bass part, the most advanced "landscape" in the world at present. ” Audio equipment, also can not completely restore the effect of live music, it is difficult to produce on-the-spot effect, natural effects on human psychology and physiology are extremely limited.
Vibration massage:
Vibration massage is also carried out in the form of waves, which can directly contact the body and play the purpose of leisure exercise.However, the monotonous mechanical vibration can not bring people psychological pleasure.
Research shows that people can endure mechanical vibration for no more than 3 minutes, even if the perfect vibration feeling lasts for more than 3 minutes, people will get bored. Therefore, the effect of vibration massage on physical and mental health is also very limited.
Somatosensory music:
Somatosensory music is transformed from ordinary music by transducer into vibration (somatosensory sound wave) which can be directly felt by the body. The intervention of human biological wave lies in the bass part. Only this part of sound wave can resonate with human cells, tissues and organs. Therefore, only US-Ocean somatosensory sound wave can sort out the 15-150 Hz bass which is the most effective for human biological wave, restore the attenuated signal, then amplify and transform it to act on human body, fully form resonance, and have a beneficial effect on human body's physiology and psychology.
Somatosensory music is a kind of sinusoidal wave. With the production of the beat, melody and interval of music, the micro-world of human body roams in beautiful music and receives wave-frequency therapy. It is not only vibration, but also music. It is a combination of all the advantages of both. Mental and physical feelings are directly felt, and both of them work together. Now the effect of 1 + 1 is greater than 2, and there is no substitute for other therapies.
Fluctuation is a natural substance in nature. Using the interaction of natural waves and biological waves to treat diseases is a kind of natural therapy, which is more advanced and effective than chemical therapy, physical therapy, drug treatment and so-called natural therapy. It is a new type of non-drug treatment. It is the best way to prevent and cure sub-health condition. It treats illness in happiness, exercises in happiness, bathes in sound-wave melody in body and mind, keeps fit happily, treats itself happily, without any pain and toxic side effects.