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澳门新浦新京8455com:Add a good dose to life —— Somatosensory music therapy

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Once people had no idea, the only idea was to be able to fill their stomachs, and the pursuit of personal health and mental health of contemporary people is gradually attached importance to, and gradually people put health care into the life schedule, so as to achieve the harmony of body and mind.

Health care focuses on the heart. As the ancients said, "the world is fundamental, but the people are the only people.". Peace of mind, often with ordinary heart, joy, love, natural everything is smooth, everything is worry free. Modern people tend to choose sports, tourism, dietotherapy, medicine and other ways to maintain their health and mind. Probably many people don't know that music can also maintain their health and mind.

Whether it is the classical Chinese literature or the modern scientific research, it is proposed that music has the effect of health preservation and heart nourishing. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the health care of the five internal organs (heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney) is the most important. Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that "anger injures the liver, thinking injures the spleen, likes to be sad, grieves the lung, fears to injure the kidney". It tells us that a good emotional state can make people's physiological function in the best state, otherwise it will reduce or destroy a certain function or organization of people and cause various diseases.

In addition to the five emotions to the five zang organs, the wise ancients also matched the five zang organs with the five elements (gold, wood, water, fire and earth) and the five tones (the five modes of traditional Chinese Music) to form a complete set of music health preservation concept. Different modes of music are conducive to different internal systems of the human body. For example, the five elements belong to fire. It is good for the blood circulation system to support the music of "heart".

Mr. Zhao Guoliang, a famous music heart nourishing expert, has carefully allocated "music heart nourishing four ingredients" for audience friends in Guangzhou. He helps the audience adjust their body and mind, relieve pressure, improve sleep, cultivate their mind in a stable and harmonious way from "clearing heat, nourishing, regulating qi, moistening dryness" and other aspects, so as to obtain a healthy and happy heart! In the second "music heart nourishing national sound" of Guangdong National Orchestra At the "music meeting", we can enjoy the four music prescriptions, wash the soul with music, let the ears receive the soft and harmonious sound information, feel happy, sweet and satisfied, and achieve the effect of "heart nourishing" and "health preserving".

Here are four good medicines:

First dose: Qingre prescription

Symptoms: too much pressure, anxiety, physical and mental fatigue

Music prescription: listen to bright and cheerful music, which can make people feel happy and cheerful, relieve life pressure and eliminate anxiety.

Ingredients: 3 folk orchestras

"Dragon racing for brocade" - it shows the scene of dragon boat racing, which is joyful and exciting;

"Jasmine Flowers" - music with unique Jiangnan style, fragrant jasmine, refreshing;

"Yao dance music" - it shows Yao young men and women dancing under the moon in full dress at the festival night, bringing a piece of relaxation and joy.

Second dose: nourishing prescription

Symptoms: anxiety, lack of confidence, worry about gain and loss

Music prescription: listen to more lyrical and soft music, which can make people feel comfortable, open-minded, relieve tension and enhance self-confidence.

Ingredients: 2 folk orchestras:

"Welcome to fairies" - a gentle and delicate tune with Jiangnan characteristics, to relieve tension.

"Autumn moon of Pinghu Lake" - a smooth and lyrical melody, depicting the beautiful autumn night scenery of West Lake with ripples and quiet moon, giving people a sense of peace and tranquility.

One zither solo:

"Fishing boat singing in the evening" - describes the scene of sunset, beautiful sunset, four fishing songs and a full harvest of fishermen. The melodious music of zither, like the silent drizzle moistening things, nourishes the impetuous mind.

Third agent: Liqi formula

Symptoms: stuffy, sluggish, depressed, loss of appetite

Music prescription: listen to more joyful and high music, mobilize the mood actively, improve the body function and work efficiency.

Ingredients: 1 drum ensemble

"Wannianhuan" - describes the wedding celebration scene, arouses the yearning for a happy life, which makes people happy and happy.

1 silk string ensemble

"Entertainment level up" - showing a fresh and lively, optimistic and upward mood, encouraging everyone to treat life with an optimistic attitude.

1 National Orchestra

"Gao Shanqing" - describes a beautiful scenery of Mount Ali. After listening to it, I feel unhappy and excited.

Fourth agent: Runzao formula

Symptoms: dry mouth, insomnia, dreaminess, irritability

Music prescription: listen to more stable and soft music, which makes people calm and calm. It can reduce the dry fire and is conducive to the harmonious effect.

Ingredients: 2 folk orchestras

"Weaving rainbow ten thousand li long" - bright and soft Guangdong music, showing the happy working scene and graceful demeanor of women textile workers.

Somatosensory music therapy, through the way of "body perceives music", converts the low-frequency signal of 16-150 Hz in music into sound wave vibration through amplification and physical energy exchange, and then through the function of "bone conduction", can activate brain center (especially ancient cortex and old cortex) in a short time, so that people can quickly obtain high-quality physical and mental pleasure and relaxation, and effectively improve sleep , anxiety, depression, mental and physical disorders and other symptoms, and to achieve a series of rehabilitation physiotherapy and health care effects. After more than 30 years of clinical application and technical improvement, somatosensory music therapy has become a recognized and clinically reliable music rehabilitation technology in the world.

Shenzhen yinkangle Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development of sleep system for 8 years. It has obtained 11 invention patents and 6 core patents in China. So far, it has clinical application cases of several hospitals including Beijing Air Force General Hospital, Beijing Guang'anmen Hospital, Shenzhen Second People's Hospital, Beijing Deheng relaxation medical clinic, and a large number of civil leisure entertainment and psychotherapy.