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澳门新浦新京8455com:Do you know the secret of music regimen?

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Haydn once said: when I sit next to that old clavichord, I don't envy the happiest king. You can imagine the importance of music to a person.

For people who often listen to music, their endocrine system and digestive system can be adjusted from inside to outside. Music can also alleviate skin aging and increase life expectancy. So why can music have such a great effect on human body? What is its theory and basis? Here's an analysis of the effects of music on the human body in five aspects:

Efficacy 1. Stimulation massage: the special energy of sound wave, when introduced into the human body, makes the cells have a harmonious synchronous resonance, which can directly play a subtle massage role on the cells, so as to enhance the metabolism of the cells, promote the endocrine system to release a variety of physiological active substances, and achieve the purpose of enhancing the immunity of the body.

Efficacy 2. Low frequency resonance: the human body is composed of many regular vibration systems. The brain wave movement, heart beat, lung contraction, gastrointestinal peristalsis and autonomic nerve activity all have certain rhythm. When a person is ill, the rhythm in the body is in an abnormal state. Choosing appropriate music and using the harmonious audio produced by music can make all kinds of vibration activities of the human body coordinate, which is beneficial to the recovery of the patient's health.

Efficacy 3. Communication catalyst: diseases often reduce people's communication with the outside world, especially psychological diseases. This makes people feel lonely and insecure, and their emotions and spirits are damaged. As a means, music can play a role of communication, reduce loneliness and insecurity, and achieve the purpose of treatment.

Efficacy 4. Vent the body's extra energy: the modern society is in a tense rhythm of life, and the requirements for professional technology are constantly improving. People's physical and mental stress for a long time will lead to the occurrence of physical and mental diseases. Listening to music and singing can release psychological pressure and physiological energy, eliminate tension and treat diseases.

Function 5: activate meridians and collaterals: listening to music can make people enter a special state of Qigong. Appropriate music can purify people's mood, achieve a higher state of tranquility, thus produce Yang Qi, open channels and collaterals, and achieve the purpose of treating diseases and health care.

Why can somatosensory music therapy have positive rehabilitation effect on human body?

Because DNA, RNA, protein and other macromolecules, cell membrane, various enzymes, blood vessels, nerves, meridians and collaterals in human tissues have their own natural vibration frequencies, most of which are below 100Hz. When the somatosensory vibration music gives the human body 16-150hz vibration energy in the subwoofer range, it can produce the same frequency resonance with human organs, and can widely promote the positive role of human organs.

In conclusion, the low-frequency resonance of somatosensory music can promote microvascular circulation, gastrointestinal peristalsis, relax muscles, relieve emotions, induce deep relaxation of body and mind, improve sleep quality, achieve the natural health effect of listening to music and self-healing of the body.